ORPHEUS, OPUS-POSTH String Group and Theatre "Ten"

20 нояб 2008

All productions by Ilya Eppelbaum - a talented puppeteer and founder of the unique Ten' (Shadow) Theatre - like all the musical projects of the violinist Tatiana Grindenko, leader of Opus Posth ensemble, do not fit into the habitual genre categories. They combine numerous arts, starting from Renaissance music to contemporary painting. This time Grindenko and Eppelbaum have joined forces to produce "Orpheus and Eurydice" - Yevstegnei Fomin's opera. Fomin is a long-forgotten Russian composer of the 18th century, one of the founders of Russian opera and bandmaster of the first Russian theatre-house. From the very beginning his Orpheus greets the audience with ironic and mischievous miracles. This is an enchanting game filled with slyness and spontaneity, a game that makes every spectator feel like an enthusiastic child. The creators of the show managed to make everything that happens on stage seem sweet, just like in an amateur performance when you cannot guess what will happen next. Needless to say, this task demands professionalism of the highest standard.

Production Information Company Information

Music by: Yevstegnei Fomin Contact Name: Maya Krasnopolskaya

Libretto by: Yakov Knyazhnin Company Address: 5 Oktyabrskaya Ulitsa, 127018

Directors: Maya Krasnopolskaya, Ilya Eppelbaum Moscow, Russia

Tel:+7 495 681-1516 Premiere Date: March 2006 Fax: +7 495 681 -3590

E-mail: tenj2007@km.ru

Number of People on Stage (including musicians): 13

Maximum Number of People in Touring Company: 17

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